As an historian, Dr. Debo was diligent about recording her own family's history, as well as her state's. Some of this narrative was based on her own research while other information was passed down through the family. These family history sections relate what she knew of the Debos through a combination of first-hand observation, received knowledge, and her own efforts at recreating her lineage's story. The first essay reflects the early years of the Debos in the United States, while the second (Edward and Lina Debo) starts with her parents and tells the story of Angie's immediate family. The third document talks more about the family of her Aunt Lisetta (her father's sister), and the final component is a compilation of short snippets of tales.


Helen, Phoebe, Angie, Lisetta, Katie and Elizabeth Debo (Angie's mother). Studio portrait








Studio portrait from 1880 of Helen, Phoebe, Angie,
Lisetta, Katie, and Elizabeth (Angie's mother).