There are a number of print resources available that detail Dr. Debo's life and work, but most are targeted to older audiences and are not as applicable for classroom use. This section provides access to two particular publications that are appropriate for diffferent age ranges. The first, "Angie Debo: 'Oklahoma's Greatest Historian'," is a booklet co-authored by Dr. Karen Neurohr and Dr. Kurt Anderson of the Oklahoma State University Library, and it would be most useful for grades 9-12. The second resource, "Angie Debo's Oklahoma," is a 2009 collaborative effort with The Oklahoman's Newspapers in Education initiative,  and it is recommended for grades 4-11. Another excellent resource available through the OSU Library (but not online) is Dr. Patricia Loughlin's children's book, Angie Debo: Daughter of the Prairie (Oklahoma Hall of Fame Publishing, 2017, ISBN : 9781938923364), most appropriate for grades 3-5.